Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Peace weak with the Cultural Leaders of Obusinga Bwarwanzururu Kingdom in Kasese.

 Above group photo with key of the participants in the Cultural and community leaders meeting
with the Obusinga Bwarwenzururu Kingdom in Kasese district.
Below is Rev.Fr. Expedito stressing his point on innovative approaches of sustaining peace in rwenzori. He represented the Catholic diocess of Kasese in peace weak meeting.
 Above is the prime minister give background of conflict in the RWENZORI Region and the current situation
in regard to peace in the kingdom. The Prime minister narrated how old men solved conflicts through promoting inter marriages in families that would have remained enemies and this would reconcile the two families. He raised an issue of conflict of interest as one of the propellers of conflict in the district.
The PM said issues of land and ethnic clashes should be studied more so that further conflict is prevented. He praised KALI and RWECO for their support and argued the organization to appreciate and involve the different structures of the kingdom already created right for LC.1- LC.V level.

Standing in yellow tie is the Vice C/Man LC.V Kasese district while giving his opening remarks. He thanked KALI and RWECO for the massage of Peace at a time wounds of tribal conflicts are healing. He pledged district support whenever called foe such meetings.
 1. the prime minister highlighted the different structures of the kingdom that if utilized, mass mobilization for
Development could be achieved.
2.The kingdom has peace committee at different levels but they are not trained in the different approaches
of peaceful co-existance and none violent conflict resolution methods. participants requested KALI to support.
3.  The participants agreed that there is a need for promoting cultural galas through many activities where 
UWA would also come and exhibit some wild specise to help on mass sensitization on peacefule co-existance btn people and the National parks as well as preserving nature in the region.
4. Promoting peaceful co-existence with other tribes in Kasese and Rwenzori region. Participants agreed that the kingdom comes up with a committee that will be reconciling those who would not agree in the same ideology especially during and after the 2016 election to promote peace.
5. Participants agreed that there is great need for sensitizing the (Banyarwanzururu ) peole cherishing the kingdom on the role of the kingdom in propelling development in the region.
There was emphasis on strengthening clan leaders as a source of uniting different clans in the kingdom
the meeting agreed that peace activities/programmes should always be jointly planned together so that every stakeholder is taken care of. the meeting was attended by Religiuos leaders from the Anglican church of uganda, Roman Catholic,seventhday adventist, community leaders and RWECO CU.

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