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The picture below, Fireworks youth group of Nkoma S/C Cleaning Mabale Trading Centre in Preparation for the District youth Caravan in Kamwenge

 KALI in conjunction with RWECO joined Uganda in celebrating National youth day. This started with youth week from 5th -12 Aug 2017. During this week, the two youth groups in Kamwenge were engaged in different activities including; Cleaning Mabale T/C, Planting peace trees in Nkoma and Nyabbani Sub counties, Conducted a District youth caravan on 11th Aug 2017 in Nkoma S/C & Finally took youth representatives to attend National celebrations in Bundibugyo on 12th Aug 2017.
At the District Caravan, Youth from S/C presented their concerns to policy makers and were given feedback as well promising for further actions at Sub county & District level. Present in the Caravan were; Nkoma S/C youth C/Person, District youth C/man Kamwenge, Nkoma LC.III C/man, District Secretary for labor affairs on behalf of District Speaker, guided by the theme, “The Role of the Youth in Peace and Peace Building”  250 Peace trees (Eucalyptus) were planted by Kamayenje youth group in Nyabbani (50 trees) & Fireworks youth group in Nkoma S/C (200) as a sign of promoting peaceful co-existence along with environmental protection & remembrance of National youth day in their communities. 85 (F=34, M=51) youth/participants attended youth Caravan
In Nyabbani S/C, Planting Peace trees were officiated by the CDO-Jesca Kapasca, women Parish councilor, C/person LC.II and Kibale County councilor for People with disability.
Pic. above district secretary for labour affairs (guest speaker) planting a peace tree at Mabale C.O.U. looking in white shirt is District youth C/man,OC Police, S/C leaders and peace ambassadors of fireworks youth group-Nkoma S/C.

Issues presented by the youth at the district Caravan in Nkoma S/C.
  • Youth are not given platform on any public function for youth mobilization on development projects.
  • Parents slaughter animals for the youth (goats/Chicken) for visitors without consent.
  • Youth have not been called for council meetings in Nkoma S/C
  • Some Government projects target those already well off, yet youth can also keep goats, cows as projects
  • Youth denied access to youth Halls in 14 sub counties yet, they were built by Samaritan Purse across the district to support youth activities. Out of 15 build, only one has been given back to the youth. (raised by the district youth C/Person)
Feedback from Sub county & District leaders.
  • Nkoma S/C youth C/person promised to lobby S/C technical staff to include youth on attending sub county council.
  • District youth C/person pledged to support youth where necessary to ensure they benefit from the projects at their disposal. He advised them to work hard & meet key requirements e.g. registrations.
  • Youth leader promised to make follow up in CAOs office to ensure sub county leadership hands over youth halls back to the youth to help them coordinate youth groups and livelihood projects.
  • Nkoma S/C speaker pledged to take youth issues in the council for support.
  • District Secretary for labour affairs apologized on the issue of denial for platform to the youth on public functions. He pledged to mobilize against this across the district. He advised youth to actively participate.
  • Operation wealth creation should be lobbied to support youth initiatives.
Picture below, O/C Mabale Police post sharing key issues causing high crime rates in Nkoma and linking it to the youth He appreciated Kali role of sensitizing citizens on conflict prevention,management and human rights.
Recommendations and immediate follow up actions
  • Make follow up to the district speaker on the issue of providing platform to the youth leader on public functions.
  • The issue of youth denial to access youth halls at sub counties will be given attention to ascertain progress.
  • Allowing parish youth leaders attend council meetings at sub county level, C/man youth Nkoma S/C will be followed up on this.
  • Make follow up on Operation wealth creation program to see entry points for supporting youth initiatives.

Key Remarks: The guest speaker Hon. Pascal on behalf of the District speaker Advised youth to start small and grow big. He asked youth.  As we celebrate National youth day, what is your independence from your parents?
He advised youth to stop targeting their parents’ death for their wealth as it is happening in Bihanga S/C. When a Parent dies, youth sell land to buy a motorcycle for Boda boda and in few days it’s off. This youth still remains a problem to the family. He reminded youth of HIV/AIDS and assured them that Knowledge is only power when it’s applied. The guest speaker advised youth to be agents of change & ambassadors to other youth in their communities.
 Above is the district secretary for labour affairs on behalf of district speaker delivering his key note address during the Youth Caravan in Kamwenge.

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