Tuesday, 27 September 2016


        C/Man LC.V sharing during a district dialogue. He pledge for District support whenever reached

On 16th Sept,KALI joined the rest of the world in the peace Week activities by through a district Dialogue/interface meeting. The District Dialogue Meeting was conducted at Cape Hotel in Kamwenge.
39 Participants (F=11, M=28) attended. This activity was attended by, District leaders both Technical & Political, RDC,DPC,DISO, Religious leaders of Anglican, Catholic and Islam, Judiciary/state attorney, C/Person LC.III of the five sub counties, 10 representative of the youth and women groups, PWD Focal person, HIV/AIDS umbrella leader, warden Community conservation Kibale N.P and Other CSOs.

The dialogue aimed at;
1.    Facilitating a district multi-stakeholders meeting, share conflict triggers and human rights Violations and come up with action issues on promoting Peace Education for Peaceful Co-existence in Kamwenge district.
2.    Enabling Foot peace ambassadors from ten groups interface with district leaders on issues triggering conflicts & HR Violations that has resulted to murders in different sub counties.
3.    Understanding the legal implication of inherited land/properties presented by the State Attorney.

-High cases of alcoholism leading to Domestic violence & High school dropout in Busiriba sub county.
-Land conflict. Boundary issue & Clan fight over inherited properties.
-Cultivators and the Cattle keepers’ conflict.
-Problem animals from Kibale National park communities - Busiriba,Kahunge & Ntara
-Sub counties are not well facilitated to follow up cases, yet some parties are vulnerable to afford the simplest means of transport in the most hard to reach communities.
-Scrupulous Money Lenders taking peoples properties causing high death levels
-Inadequate community awareness on the basics of the law governing land and other human rights issues
-The un streamlined LC.1 system in the villages has led to inconsistence in case mgt.

 DEO Kamwenge Sharing how conflicts in communities affect school enrolment

.On the Issue of land Conflict, Participants agreed that there is need to access the succession Act & share it with key stakeholders and Sensitize the public in Kamwenge.  KALI will through the state attorney take lead in this.
.Coordination with warden Community Conservation Kibale N.P to understand their community engagement schedule so as to Network & mobilize against the increasing school dropout among frontline communities due to problem animals. KALI and LC.III C/Person.
.It was also realized that most land conflicts result from scrupulous money lenders. DISO & RDC are following up this issue. Additionally, KALI will share with District Commercial Officer to continue with the process of legalizing their business.

.The issue of alcoholism was also taken as a triggering force to conflicts in communities. DISO shared that this will equally be given attention in the security meetings. LC.II C/Person will continue sensitizing people against this.
.All participants agree to play their part towards realizing the action issues made.
The District C/Person LC.V in his brief courtesy call to the participants assured that the issues agreed on during the two day deliberation will be given support when his office is reached for the same.

Compiled by

Geoffrey Bwambale 

Project Assistant - KALI

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