Friday, 12 February 2016


RWECO held a validation meeting at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese Municipality to validate the findings from the baseline conduct to assess VAC in the 16 schools and their communities around the schools. During this meeting, the Coordinator RWECO, Mr Jimmy Odyek thanked all members for coming and assured the members that RWECO has turned its guns on fi0ghting for a Violence Free Environment for our children's growth and in future, we see a non violent community. 
Mrs Maryjane Biirah with the help of Mr Masereka Gilbert, Kenyana Evelyn and Sam Masereka presented the report to a team of Headmasters, Senior women teachers and CDO from all over the project area. 
Back view of the participants during a meeting at Rwenzori International Hotel, Kasese
 All members acknowledged that the report presented the facts from all the communities and that true children are abused either intentionally or unintentionally. The common forms of violence against children included but not limited to beating / canning, defilement, denial of education, denial of food, work that inappropriate, corporal punishment, threats, name calling and neglect among others. 
The reasons for Violating children included poverty, preparing children for responsible future, instilling discipline and morals, parents being too busy to care for their children, illiteracy and ignorance of children's rights and polygamous families, tribal conflicts, dependency, exessive lust and sexual drive etc. Violence is most common on non biological children.
Violence Against Children take place along the road, at schools, at homes, isolated places, video halls, in cars, funerals, churches and in boys' single rooms. 
However when Children are violated, they commonly report to authorities, parents, local leaders, doctors and to their fellow children. They also report to their relatives, teachers prefects and the elders in the community.

Mr Faishal Baluku, District Probation Office counseling a child that was being abused by his parents at Kasese Police Station
There are several existing laws and policies governing child protection in Kasese district. These include The constitution of Uganda, Children's act, Child protection ordinance, go back to school resolution by sub county, school rules and regulations, penal code and other bylaws by sub counties. 
Challenges like medical examination that requires funds, defilement cases are hidden by the parents, custody of juveniles, lack of infrastructure, low turn up for sensitization meetings, too much work overload all frustrate the implementation of the above policies.
The DEO, Kasese District thanked all participants for attending this important meeting and commissioned every participant to fight for the rights of the children. He encouraged the members to start with their own families and let every member in the community look at them as game changers. He then launched the VAC project at 14:40hrs 
In conclusion, members agreed to fully implement all the policies, strengthen family relationships, encourage children to disclose,  empower women economically, teach children how to respect elders and promote counseling and guidance both at home and at schools.


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