Tuesday, 9 September 2014


The communities in Kamwenge district questioned how the Shs. 268Million was spent on just two maternity wards that could even cost less in the public eye. The RDC of Kamwenge district took interest in the community concerns by joining RWECO, KALI and the community monitors in monitoring the projects in Kiyagara HCII, Kahungye Sub county, and Kanara HCII, Kanara Sub county,

The monitoring team sharing notes
The Kiyagara HCII Maternity ward that will cost shs. 192Million
Key findings at Kiyagara HCII, Kahungye Sub county:

Contractor: YANKA Enterprises limited
Work started  on 22/03/2013
Main building  at shs.192,185,200
Placenta PIT   shs.2,000,000
Medical Pit  shs.2,000,000
3 stance latrine shs.9,000,000
Total cost  is shs.201,185,200
Kiyagara receives 600,410  per quarter  servicing 1000 patients from 7 Parishes per month
 Unfinished works at Kiyagara HCII

Grinding the flour
Internal door  shatters
Electrical  Installations for solar and Hydro
Plumbing and Drainage
Medical waste pit

Kanara HCII
Kanara HCII, that will cost the tax payer shs. 203 million
Contractor: Block Technical services
Work started on 22/03/2013
Preliminaries  at shs.27,500,000/=
Maternity Ward shs. 203,020,200/=
3 stance latrine shs. 17,618,330/=
Medical Waste and Placenta Pit  2 x  7,000,000= Shs. 14,000,000/
Total shs.262,138,330Actual in the Agreement is shs. 263,138, 530/=
Is   there value for money  by spending shs.201,185,200 on Kiyagara and shs.263,138, 530/= on Kanara for the  same work?
Did the service user  follow the ministry of health specification on maternity ward construction?
Will the maternity ward serve high population
What is the implication of paying  a  3 stance latrine  at shs. 9,000,000/= in Kiyagara  and shs.17,618,330/= at Kanara?
A pit latrine that will cost the tax payer shs. 14M
 What about  Placenta PIT   2,000,000 in Kiyagara and 7,000,000 at Kanara? 

Getting instant feedback from the community during the joint monitoring exercise at Kiyagara HCII, Kahungye S/C,

Compiled by
Geofrey Bwambale and Angella Biira
KALI Staff

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